Running Stitches

Running Stitches

Dhaavasutra — धावसूतृ

  1. Now begins the practice of running
    atha dhaavanusasanam
    अथ धावनउससनम्
  2. Feet, steps, trails. Nothing else matters.
    Padam anupadam, paadai angithapadham – na kinchit api chintaneeyam
    पदम् अनुपदम, पादै अङिथपधम् – न किन्छित् अपि छिन्तनीयम्
  3. Sound mind in sound body.
    Swastha shareere swastha manasa.
    स्वस्थ शरीरे स्वस्थ मनस

Translated by Nirmal Balaraman


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