Running Quotes

Members of my family do not seem to like the fact that I run. And they have let me know this from time to time.

“I guess you are less likely to hurt yourself on a bike than running.”

My mother, May 2006

“Are you injured?”

My mother, out of the blue, Jan 2007

“We like you much better when you don’t run.”

My aunt Margaret after the Cooper River Bridge Run, 2009

“If you didn’t try to win, you wouldn’t be so tired afterward.”

My mother, after the White River 50M, 2009

“I hope you didn’t hurt yourself.”

My aunt Elizabeth when told I’d just run a race, Oct, 2010

“I don’t understand why you self-torture.”

My mother, after SBIM 2014


One Response to “Running Quotes”

  1. letling Says:

    George, you are a fairly brilliant (and funny) writer. I have been browsing some of these pages and just have to tell you that I’ve enjoyed them all very much. I can relate to the familial dislike for running. It’s hard for people to embrace something they do not want to experience or understand. My family finally gave up trying to convince me not to run after more than 15 years of me doing it nearly every day. I think they thought I’d just get tired of it after awhile – but as we runners know, that’s not quite how it works.

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