Restaurants in Brasil

We had been travelling all day and arrived in Curitiba on the bus. We found a hotel and checked in. We needed to change our plane tickets and found the airline office. And someone who spoke English.

So after changing the tickets we asked him if he could recommend a restaurant for us. He thought, asked if we liked barbeque, and marked a place on the map we had of the city and wrote a name beside it. Then he looked at the name and said “And that means ‘penis’ in English. And there’s a large penis in front of the restaurant.”

We were a little startled by this, but we thanked him, and departed. Once outside we turned to each other and admitted we weren’t terribly keen on eating in a restaurant which advertized itself in such a way. But it might be interesting to see this place.

So we went to the address, but could not find anything particularly phalic in the area.

Then we returned to our hotel and had some unadventurous lasagne for supper.

The next day we met some Brasilian friends for lunch, and we brought out the map with the name written on it. We thought there might be some confusion, but when we asked our friends to define the word, they said “penis” too.

I asked “What sort of penis?”

“You know, the tree.”

If you take the latin word for pine tree (pinus) and pronounce it with a Portugese accent it sounds awfully like “penis”.  Presumably there had been a pine in front of the restaurant, but we hadn’t been looking for that.


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