A child’s garden of leeches

I thought I saw a forest rat
Which hopped just out of reach
I looked again, and saw it was
A giant sucking leach.
If that should come to dine, I thought
‘Twould drink us all and each
Sylvie and Bruno Redited

I took a leach to bed with me,
I fed it all night through,
But when by light I chanced to see,
I squashed it with my shoe.

Who can see the leach? Neither I nor they,
But when the blood starts trickelling, the leach has dropped away.

Brush off your leaches, start bleeding right now,
Brush off your leaches, and the women you will wow.

Oh for a leach of fire,
Legs for a stage, worms to act,
And searchers to behold the swelling blood.


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