Track work-outs

Rusty tells me that I’m not slowing down because I’m getting older, but because I no longer do track work-outs. I suppose not doing track work-outs probably has an effect, but I think aging is the bigger of the two myself.

Rusty thinks I could be a minute faster in the 10K if I just did some speed work, my own guess is more like 10 seconds.

I don’t do track workouts any more because I tend to get shin splints when I do them, but of course for a while I don’t.

Anyway two years ago I was doing workouts (I started around Christmas, as I recall), and I didn’t get injured until after Orchard to Ocean.

And two years ago I was about a minute faster.

But I was also two years younger.

Two years ago I ran at 80.8% and this year at 79.9%. Now at my current age 80.8% corresponds to a 39:35 10K. Or a difference of about 25 seconds. More than I thought. Less than Rusty did.

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