The test process worked, the test did not.

So what else should I try?

Well Saturday’s run said going slowly doesn’t help me. Next I’ll try pausing with a book at every aid station (and bring a bike when setting up to make sure I get water to the end of the road). Maybe go down Arroyo Burro Rd rather than entering private property.

Chris Orr says that endurance mtn. bikers tend to eat real food now rather than process stuff. He says it’s easier on the system. Hmm. Not sure why that would be, but OK, maybe. He suggested hard-boiled eggs. Um? Aren’t those primarily protein and a little fat? That doesn’t sound like a good choice. Besides I don’t like hard-boiled eggs (and if I don’t like them at the start, I’m really going to hate them after 12 hours…)

Early January? Christmas day?


2 Responses to “The test process worked, the test did not.”

  1. Adger Williams Says:

    But you want some fat right? (thinking back to your post about Blocks and calories) And I’m thinking some kind of mix of carb complexity, so that you always have something to work on and something in the pipeline energy-wise. (Although, it might be good to do all the digesting at once, and then put the digester on standby.) Steam pudding? maybe with some nut flour in it if you want just traces of protein.

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