Frighteningly hot

It’s hot out today. The highest I noticed was 92°F. And it is November. So I went to NOAA and downloaded temperature data for the SBA airport (which has been keeping daily records since 1941).

This year as a whole has seemed hot. I was wondering if that was just my perception, for if were true. So I was interested in the temperature anomalies for this year — that is, you pick a baseline period, usually of 30 years, and calculate average temperatures for every day of the year during that period and then you look at the current year and see whether (and by how much) the temperature is hotter or cooler.

The IPCC recommends using 1961-1990 as a baseline period. Even by 1961 there was some anthropomorphic warming, but I don’t have data from back in the 19th century.

Max Mean Min
2014 to date 3.9°F|2.1°C 3.3°F|1.8°C 2.7°F|1.5°C 263 days above average
47 below
Oct 2014 5.0°F|2.8°C 3.9°F|2.2°C 2.9°F|1.6°C 31 days above average
0 below
first 6 days
of Nov
4.1°F|2.3°C 2.5°F|1.4°C 0.8°F|0.4°C 5 days above average
1 below
6 Nov 14°F|7.8°C 10°F|5.6°C 5°F|2.8°C above average

In other words, for this year, SB is already butting up against the 2°C barrier of irreversible climate change. Of course, this is one small area, and less than a year’s data. But it frightens me.


One Response to “Frighteningly hot”

  1. Adger Says:

    Still no hard freeze in the village here in Central New York. (Ragweed just will not die.) We are maybe 4-6 weeks late. I cringe every time I hear an Internal combustion engine.

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