When someone asked Nash what he thought of Red Rock he said that it was lonely. Heidi said that the best part of the race was the running with friends.


I didn’t feel lonely. Nor did I miss my friends.

I ran with random people for the first two miles (give or take) and then with Sara from around 9 to 15. So I was by myself for about two thirds of the run. But I didn’t think about whether I was alone or not. I just ran. And looked at the trail.

I don’t feel lonely when I go out for a 16 mile training run through the back country. I can feel lonely when I’m sitting at home, but not really on the trails.

There’s always something to see: a view, a flower, or just the trail in front.

Nothing wrong with running in a group. That’s fun too. But I tend to miss the flowers that way. It’s easier to see nature when I’m alone.

I look at pictures of myself over the years when I’m running alone in races. I look happy.

Big Sur Marathon 2005 White River 50M 2009 Red Rock Mar 2013

What’s Nash talking about?


3 Responses to “Alone”

  1. Adger Says:

    Where’s the picture of you “Alone” with the buffalo?

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