Just me and my watch

I did trail maintenance yesterday, so I couldn’t go to practice. Which meant I had to do my long tempo run this morning. It’s 6 weeks to the SB marathon and I couldn’t skip my long run. Even though I’m only a pacer I still need to train to run harder.

Yesterday I asked a friend what the workout had been: 8 miles at MP from Goleta Beach. I haven’t done any runs yet longer than 18 miles so I figured I needed to get in 20+ today.

It’s been hot recently, and I didn’t want to run in the heat so I wanted to go early. Unfortunately the days are short and it’s dark early, so a balance must be struck. I don’t want to run MP in the dark, but I can do my warmup.

I parked my bike at the school 4+ miles from Goleta Beach at about 6:15 (in the dark) and trotted down the bike path to the beach. Then I turned around.

I set off running back up the bike path. After a bit I look at my watch. It tells me I’m doing 9 minute miles (I’ve got on my distance glasses, and the watch is too close for them so I can’t read it well, but I see the first digit.). This will never do. I try to speed up. Now it tells me I’m running 9:61 miles — even slower (I don’t twig to the fact that you can’t run 9:61, that would be 10:01 or something; I’m just annoyed at my watch and not thinking). I reach the spot where the quarter mile mark used to be (or where I think it used to be). It’s been 1:34 minutes or ~6:20 pace. Too fast. The area on the watch labeled pace tells me 9:57 — OK, it’s stupid. I shan’t look at it any more.

I wish I weren’t alone. It’s always easier to have someone to run with, but it’s even more important when the watch is spazing out.

The first mile is 6:34. A little too fast.

The second mile is 6:46. A little too slow. I glance at the pace area and see it is reading 8:88. It dawns on me that I’m reading it wrong. It doesn’t say 8:88, it must say 8.88 and it must be showing speed rather than pace. Damn it. I don’t have my speed⇒pace conversions memorized. And I’m not going to try to fiddle with changing the settings in the middle of a run. I’ll just have to pretend it’s an old fashioned stopwatch and click off my miles.

6:43. And then the turnaround, time to run back. 6:55. Arg! too slow.

I’m slowing down. Last year I could run 8 miles at 6:40 pace with no trouble. This year I struggle to run 6:45. Sigh, I expect to lose about 4 seconds a mile on my pace for every year. Oh, and last year my watch tended to tell me I was running 3~4 seconds/mile too fast. So that accounts for about 8 seconds. Running 6:45 is actually pretty good…

I finish in 54:05 which is 6:45~6:46 average. Slower than last year, but understandably slower. Sigh.

Then I puttered around and did another 10 miles easy. I ran round the lagoon, out to More Mesa, around Hope Ranch and finally back to my bike.


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