Mushroom rolls

After making chocolate rolls the other day I decided I wanted something savory…

1½ scant cups of yeast starter
3½ cups flour (I use half whole-wheat, half unbleached)
6oz fetid cheese
1lb mushrumps
black pepper to taste

Mix the starter with 2 of the cups of flour. Knead for a bit and then put in the icebox for a night or two (this allows some sourdough flavor to develop, which is rather nice here).

When you are ready to make the rolls: Chop the mushrooms (I use a food processor) and put them in a covered pot to simmer until they have expressed their juices.

Drain the warm juice into a mixing bowl and add half the feta cheese, crumbled. Try to get the cheese to melt a bit into the mushroom water (it won’t really). Add the remaining cup of flour, mix together and then add the dough that’s been sitting in the fridge for the last couple of days. Knead a bit more.

Take the mushrumps and the remaining feta cheese and put them back in the food processor. Add ground pepper to taste. Process into a smooth paste.

Tear off a hunk of dough (about a ball 1 inch in diameter). In your hands, flatten this into a relatively thin sheet (2~3 inches square). Add about 1 tablespoon of the mushroom/feta mixture to the middle and then fold the edges up to seal the filling on the inside. Place (with the join down) onto an oiled cookie-sheet.

MRoll1 MRoll2 MRoll3

Allow the rolls to rise again (several hours or overnight, wild yeast is in no hurry to rise).

Preheat oven to 350. Cook 1″ rolls for 15 minutes.

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