Passports to the past (time lapse photography)

I was rummaging around looking for my current passport and stumbled on a couple of old ones. So I stopped and looked at them. Here were little records of my past…

When I first went abroad I and my siblings were all listed on my mother’s passport. We set sail from Fort Lauderdale, landing briefly in Bermuda and finished in Southhampton. We lived in London for 5~6 months and flew to the Netherlands where we rented a canal boat and traveled the canals.

Passport1970We next traveled in 1970, again I shared the passport with my siblings (but not my mother). I was probably 10 when the picture was taken (8, and 7 for my siblings). In those days passports were only good for 5 years. This time we set sail from New York and stopped briefly in Cork (Ireland) before landing in Southampton. This time we stayed about a year in London. We went to Wales (in those days you didn’t need a passport to go to Wales from England), traveled the canals around Oxford (one family in a boat, to say nothing of the dog), followed Hadrian’s Wall, and made several trips to France (I was sick at the bayeux tapestrey). We went home via the Mediterranean, a visit which is not reflected in passport stamps. I don’t know why. I went to sleep on the train in Victoria Station and woke up crossing the French countryside on the way to Paris — before the chunnel. Stopping in Venice, Athens, Naples, Lisbon then across the Atlantic to Halifax (as it then was) and finally New York.

In 1977 I got my own passport for the first time. We all went to England together (by airplane this time), but I only stayed a month and came back to the US for my first year of college. I went back for Christmas Hols, but missed the family trip to the south of France where they sailed the Canal du Midi near the Pyrenees.

I must have renewed that passport and made some later trips to visit my parents in London in the 1980s.

Passport1986My passport from 1986-1996 was my first Earthwatch passport. On it I went to Brazil, Belize, Thailand, Madagascar (several times), Bolivia. And, of course, England and France, Germany, Belgium. In 1987 the US had managed to annoy the French and I actually needed to go down to the consulate in Los Angeles and wait in line to get a visa. I only had one page left for new visas when the passport was finished.

Passport 1997, bearded like the pardEngland and France got bored with stamping my passport I don’t see any marks from them, but I went there frequently. Madagascar took up a whole page with each visa, and then another page the one time I extended my visa there. I made many trips to Madagascar and again I wondered if I’d run out of visa room. I didn’t, not quite. Also Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Mauritius, and Réunion. Technically Réunion is a part of France (the way Hawaii is part of the US) but they were not bored with stamping my passport and the stamp says “Réunion” not France. I made a trip to Brest to talk about fonts (but the French were still bored with me and it doesn’t show), and another to Xathi in Greece. I was also taking bicycling trips with my parents (and siblings) through the French countryside.

Passport2007My current passport. From 2006 to the present. It only has one stamp, and that to Canada.

Maybe I should go somewhere…


2 Responses to “Passports to the past (time lapse photography)”

  1. heidi Says:

    I too like looking at the old passports and yes you should go somewhere. FYI: youth passports are still only issued for 5 year terms but you get your own ( no siblings or parents included). Infants must have their eyes open which was quite the feat when our daughter was 2 months old. Now the passports have chips and you get your iris scanned at the airport.

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