With a hey ho, the wind and the rain

And the rain it raineth every day.

All week long the weather report has said cold rain in Sacramento the day of the marathon. Flood watch, turning to flood warning as the event neared. High winds (15-25mph, gusting to 40). Possible thunderstorms.

Ug. It did not sound pleasant.

I started to think: How many layers do I need? Should I cover my gloves with plastic bags? Joy said something about heat packs to go in gloves, where can I find those? Tights? Wool socks? Do I want to wear my glasses (which might fog up) or run blind?

Maggie was more direct. She decided not to race. That never occurred to me. I wonder why not?

Even after she told me she was thinking of not going I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that the option was open to me too.

Not going just didn’t seem possible. What else would I do? It wasn’t as though I had any high expectations or hopes of this race; I had simply said I would do it, and, well, I guess I will.

But… Ug.

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