Debilitating dehydration dilemma

Obviously this last run was a (I was going to say dry run, but that’s quite the wrong idea) test for my real marathon race in three weeks. And, of course, my great worry at the moment is dehydration.

So I decided (and Coach Mike encouraged me) to concentrate on hydration. I took some salt tablets the day before, and was always drinking water. I did the same the morning of the race. I drank at almost every water station (I think I missed 3 out of 16. For two of them I just couldn’t get water, either from the press of runners, or because the volunteers had momentarily run out, and the last was the one at mile 25 and with only one mile to go there’s no point in drinking). I drank at almost every water station, and I drained the cup too. At one I even drank two cups, one of water and one of Fluid™.

I had hoped that it would be easy to drink at 8 minute pace. Well… it’s easier. And I’m in the water stop long enough that I could get 2 cups. But it still isn’t easy.

Mike wanted me wear a heart rate monitor and keep track through the race:

Vertical axis % of max Heart Rate, Horizontal axis is in miles
I look at this graph and I say “I got tired as the race went on”. Not surprising  — well, I didn’t really expect to get up to 90%, but that was right at the end. Mike looked at it and said I got dehydrated.

Jana said at one point that she thought she had drunk too much. I never felt that way.

After the race I drank two bottles of water (pints?)

I certainly didn’t feel the way I do after racing a marathon or an ultra.

Mike says I need to work even harder on hydration in my real race. And I just think “How?” If I couldn’t hydrate well when running easily, how on earth am I going to do it when running faster? I’ll need more water and it will be harder to drink.

I tried carrying a camelback with me, and that didn’t work (when running fast I mean. OK for an ultra). If I were doing SB for real I might be able to scatter friends on the course with squeeze bottles, but I can’t do that at Sacramento.

Maybe I really can’t run marathons.

Dismaying, distressing, dreadful, desiccating, dangerous, damnable, daunting, debilitating dehydration.


2 Responses to “Debilitating dehydration dilemma”

  1. McKee-Runner Says:

    It was a dry day out there, George. I am sure my wall was from dehydration even though I felt like I was sloshing along drinking up a storm. I bet if it had been a wetter, foggier day things would have been different. I am with you on the frustrations of hydration.


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