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The naming of cats is a difficult matter

August 9, 2012

I decided that when I moved into my new place I should get a new cat. (I’ve been without at cat for about 5 years now). So after I felt sufficiently moved in I asked my friends if any of them was looking to get rid of a cat.

All the cats I’ve had in the past have either wandered up to the door and announced that they needed to be fed, or been hand-me-downs from friends who (for one reason or another) couldn’t take care of them any more. As a child we lived near a university campus and at the end of term time there tended to be excess pets which the students were no longer around to take care of and they’d wander over to our house. Or friends would have kittens and need to get rid of them. More recently two friends have moved in with partners and I inherited their cats (one at a time, I mean).

So I’ve never been to a shelter or anything like that. And didn’t want to either.

But none of my friends seemed to have excess animals. One friend of a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of two cats, but I felt that was more that I wanted to take in.

And then I went to visit my parents at the end of June (and I didn’t want to adopt an animal and then go leave it for a week) so I didn’t look in June. And I had an out of town race at the end of July, so I didn’t look in July‚Ķ

My sister was getting pushy and kept teasing me about getting a cat. And two friends in my pottery class decided they were going to go with me to help me (which was indeed a help. I’ve never been to a shelter and was sure I’d get it wrong).

So we arranged to meet yesterday at 3 at the shelter off of Patterson. I’ve never been there, but I knew there was something there. That was my first mistake. There appear to be two somethings there. I went to the Humane society (it was first on the road) and my friends went to something else. So we never met.

After waiting outside for my friends for a bit, I gave up and went in. I said I wanted to adopt a cat. They asked me which one. I didn’t realize I was supposed to pick one out first.

So they sent me back to a room with cages in it to look at cats. Most of the cats were asleep and paid me no heed. There were about 4 which actually responded to me when I tried to stroke them through the cage. One batted at me to let me know he didn’t like to be petted. So he was out. One was kind of sleepy and just looked up when I petted and didn’t pay too much attention. One was a very talkative and demanding siamese, and one just seemed to like being petted. So I fixed on him.

So I went back to the front desk and said I’d like “Oreo.” Then I had to fill out an application form. Then they told me I had to hold Oreo, so I was sent back to the room with the cages where someone would help me except there was no one there. Eventually someone showed up who put me in a small room, and then brought Oreo in with me and closed the door on us.

Oreo was a bit unsettled and I couldn’t get him to sit in my lap for long. He’d get up and wander around looking at the room, then he’d come back to me and rub against me for a bit and then wander around. But he didn’t seem to have any problems with me, seemed to accept me as a nice piece of furniture at the least. I had been afraid he’d be all fearful and neurotic, but that was just me being fearful and neurotic.

So I went back to the front desk. But they still wouldn’t let me take him. They had to contact my landlady and make sure it was OK with her. Well, I knew she was at Lake Casitas and they weren’t going to reach her before they closed.

Then they noticed that I’d said that she and her kids would wander into my part of the house, so that made them say that Nichol and kids had to come out and meet the cat. And I had no idea what their schedule was like after the lake. Aargg! Why do they make this so difficult?

I went home again, catless.

I apologized to my friends for not meeting them. One of them told me “Oreo” was too common a name for a cat, and I should rename it. So perhaps Bombalurina, or else Jellylorum? The other pointed out that I had a tendency to make up swearwords and I should name the cat name along those lines. She suggested “Deslpjming.” I’m not sure about that.

“Snuffkin” sounds like a good cat name. Or perhaps “Snuffcat”, “Sniffkin”. Trufflehunter was a badger… Spiderstalker?

Perhaps when he comes home with me I’ll have a better idea.

He is now home. He spent 5 minutes searching the kitchen area and has now found the smallest, tightest spot in the room, underneath the pantry shelves. There he has hidden himself with only his tail showing.