Track workout

1600m@6:00, 4:00 jog/rest, 12×(200m@0:38, 0:45 rest), 4:00 jog/rest, 1600m@6:00.

Once upon a time I raced miles at that pace, now the thought of going that fast even for 200 meters is intimidating. Ah well.

Eric pointed out that good runners can race a marathon at that pace.

After the warmup Jeff (who has just done Chardonnay) said he didn’t want to do the 200s either. I tried to convince him to do 4 miles at 6 minutes, but he didn’t like that idea either.

We set off on the first mile. I was in the lead. 20 seconds at the first 100m mark. Too fast. 42 seconds at the 200 mark, still too fast. 87 seconds at the 400m mark. Well that was the right pace for the last 200m. After that I only looked at my watch every 400m; I seemed to be running 87/88 and felt comfortable with that. Finished in 5:50.

Then we started (Jeff had disappeared). I thought I would have to sprint as fast as I could. I followed behind Eric and Tim going as hard as possible. I didn’t try to look at my watch; too difficult to do so at that pace. First one was 35 seconds. Whew. It’s not quite an all out sprint then. We jogged 100m and started again. This time it was 37. After about 6 of the wretched things I would be gasping for breath with about 50m go, then I’d notice and try to control it, but the same thing would happen on the next run. Jill and I battled for third place behind Tim and Eric while Matt trailed. After 8 repetitions I knew I couldn’t finish; after 10 reps I thought maybe it would work but there was no way I’d do the last mile.

Even after a 4 minute jog I was still tired. Eric and Tim agreed that we’d switch off the lead each quarter. Jill and I said nothing. Eric lead at an 88second pace and it was torture. My legs felt like lead and I knew I could not keep going at that pace. Then Tim took over and the next lap was 92 (Jill passed me). That 4 second difference was huge. I felt much better. But then no one took over from Tim, so he lead the next lap too at 91 seconds, but this one felt too slow to me. So I took over from Tim about 100m into the last lap and finished it in 89. It felt far, far easier than the first lap.

It’s kind of odd to realize that I can “rest” (or at least recover) when running 92 second quarters, but I guess I can. I did, anyway.


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