A lot of people were in Boston today, and a lot of others were at Chardonnay, so only a few showed up for the Saturday workout. And then Kary and Chrystee decided they were going to take it easy… so I was the only one left in my pace group.

This meant that Coach Mike put me in with the fast runners. With Tim and Mike and Ricky and Drea and him.

We were to run marathon pace for 3 miles, jog for 5 minutes and then run tempo pace back for 3 miles.

The pace groups start slowest first. So there I was at the end with all the fast people.

Now Tim, Ricky and Mike are too fast for me. But Drea’s marathon pace is about my tempo pace and there’s an unconscious urge to run that pace when someone else is. But if I were to go that fast on the way out I couldn’t do it again on the way back (and I certainly couldn’t go the 20 seconds faster the Drea would probably be going then).

So after running the first quarter mile too fast, I let everyone else drift off out of sight.

And I realized I was all alone, and last. Far behind everyone else.

It’s a little depressing to be last.

By the first mile all I could see was Drea disappearing into the distance.

By the second mile she was gone.

Finally after two and a half miles I passed one of the slower people. I was in the group again.

The way back was different. I had no chance of running with Drea so no temptation to do so. I had less energy to think as I needed concentration to run my pace. And I didn’t start so far behind so I quickly became part of the group.


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