I was hiking in the backcountry, near the top of (the back side of) Arroyo Burro trail when I turned a corner and saw a bobcat trotting down the trail ahead.

He didn’t seem to hear me.

After a few seconds he sat in the trail, still not noticing me.

I stopped and pulled out the camera as fast as I could; expecting every tiny sound to send the bobcat scurrying off. But he just sat. I took one quick shot.

Not the best image, I fear. I had the camera adjusted for taking macro pictures of wildflowers in the direct sun, not for bobcats in the shade twenty feet away.

But I know from past experience that fiddling to get the perfect shot often means the animal leaves and I get no shot. So I took a quick shot, then I moved slightly to get a better view (so the bushes weren’t obscuring the cat), and — the cat was gone, crashing into the chaparral. Oh well.

I’ve seen bobcats 4 times in the last 5 years. Once on More Mesa, once on Island View trail, once on the front side of Arroyo Burro, and now on the back side.


3 Responses to “Bobcat”

  1. cdnpearly Says:

    Very cool George! I love random encounters with wild creatures…except maybe with grizzly bears, or enraged rhinos, or a fussy rattlesnake…
    Ammending my comment: I love random safe encounters with wild creatures!

  2. Adger Says:

    Nice picture. Is the apparent stripe on the ear sun-dapple or a stripe?

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