Track workouts

I hate them.

Or I hate doing them. I admit there is a certain satisfaction after having completed one.

A couple of years ago I convinced myself that running “fast” (for me) caused injuries, so I stopped doing them. Now I’m not so sure. Running “fast” exacerbates injuries (I’m still sure of that), but I’m less sure it actually causes them. Anyway I’ve started doing track workouts recently — every other week, rather than every week, just to be on the safe side — and no injuries have been caused yet.

I’m not sure what group to go into on the track… I seem to be able to do a tempo run relatively faster than a track workout, which means that the group I have been running with for tempos wants to go a little faster than I’m able to.

I listened to the paces Rusty assigned. My tempo group was told to run 91 second quarters for the mile, the next slower group was 94 second quarters. Well 91 second quarters for a mile is still sounds easy to me.

The workout was 3×800 (at 88sec/quarter), 1600 (91sec/quarter), 2×800 (88), 1600 (91), 2×400 (87). I thought I could do that. But… we didn’t run the pace. We’d all run together a little faster than the pace for the first bit and then everyone else would speed up and pass me. I’d struggle along seconds behind them, but still seconds ahead of the desired pace. I did 2:54,2:53,2:54,5:56,2:55,2:54,5:54,84,87.

I looked back in my notes. Five years ago a randomly selected track workout looked like: 3×800 (86), 1600(87), 2×800 (86), 3200 (89). About 1% faster than what I actually did (the age graded tables suggest a much greater decline from 47 to 52). That’s kind of consoling…

Now the workout is over. I did it.

And, yeah, I’m kinda proud of it now.


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