Final worries

The night before the race and it is raining.

Monday they said 30% chance of rain on Saturday (race day). Tuesday 50%. Wednesday 70%. Thursday 40%. Friday morning: no rain Friday day, 50% Friday night, 40% Saturday morning. It started raining about 10am and has been raining ever since. Now it says 50% chance of rain Saturday.

So the big worry is rain. Running 26 miles in chilly rain will probably mean I hit the wall sooner as I’ll have to expend more energy to keep warm. I’ll probably run slower too, just because I’m miserable. My glasses will fog up so I can’t see and then slide off my face. My hands will go numb and I may not be able to open food packets to eat.

And I’m afraid that carbo-loading didn’t work.

Please, please, please don’t rain tomorrow while I’m running.


One Response to “Final worries”

  1. cdnpearly Says:

    George, I hope it doesn’t rain too. Good luck!

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