Surprised by Joy

Things get weird near the end of marathon training, and instead of my normal hour and a half trail run I had 6 miles at 6:40 to do (wrapped up with a two mile warmup and two mile cooldown).

I tried to round up my usual thursday morning suspects, but Chrystee and Michelle had no interest in a 6 mile tempo, and Kary had hers on Saturday instead. Joy however had 8 miles at 6:50.

So it was just me and Joy.

We met at Vieja Valley school, and discovered (to our shock) that the parking lot is full of people on a school morning. Hadn’t occurred to either of us.

Then we puttered around for ~2 miles and lined up at the 19 mile mark. I had been telling Joy how Rusty had put SBIM icons at all the mile markers

But there was nothing like that at mile 19. I felt foolish.

We were starting at 19, running out to 15, and returning. I’d slow down at 17 (after doing my 6) and Joy would continue on for her 8 while I did my cool down.

Then we set off. After a bit my watch said we were running at a 6 minute pace. Oof. It didn’t feel that fast. And that wasn’t even in a race! Going to have to be careful at the start next week…

After a bit I pulled away from Joy.

I see the western ragweed is still blooming. And, yup, the one stand of common ragweed I know of is also blooming. Ox-tongue, castor bean, fiddle dock — nothing native (except nasty ragweed) seems to be blooming. Finally I see a little sprig of elderberry.

There was a large cement mixer taking up most of the road and in attempting to run around it I saw the 15 mile marker. So I turned and discovered Joy was right behind me.

She wasn’t running 6:50s 🙂

Then back the way we had come. I stopped my watch at 17 for 39:59 — that’s perfect for 6 miles at a 6:40 pace. My claims I ran 6.09 miles at a 6:34 pace. I need to remember to subtract ~6 seconds from pace measurements on race day.

And Joy zooms past me. Again, I’m surprised at how fast she’s going.


One Response to “Surprised by Joy”

  1. Joy Says:

    Wow George…I feel horrible. I have been completely lax on keeping up with my beloved bloggers….no idea I was a main character in your blog. Thank you. I am humbled. I am famous. Ha!
    I am always privileged to run with you. It is my pleasure. Thank YOU!

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