I’m not sure if that’s the proper term for a flower lacking pigment, but then I don’t know what is. At any rate, this year I have been struck by a number of white flowers in close proximity to their more colorful siblings. It appears to be — well, hardly common — but still not uncommon to find a flower that is all white when it should be red or blue or whathaveyou.

Where possible I compare a white flower to an immediately adjacent colored flower.

The first white flower I noticed was a figwort. It was growing on Buena Vista trail, there was a large plant and all its flowers were white. Near-by were many other plants with the normal dark maroon flower. Jepson doesn’t recognize a white figwort, so I presume it is just a variant. The plant continued to bloom through the spring until it was mown down during a trail clearance operation.

These white Clarkias were blooming amid a stand of pink ones. I can’t identify the species. There are white Clarkias in California, but not, I think, in SB. So I presume they are again a color variant. This variant is moderately common and I’ve saw it in several places this spring and in one place last year

Chinese houses are usually blue, but for the past two years I have seen one all white plant on Arroyo Burro trail (back side). There is a closely related species which is all white, but it’s leaves are recurled, and anyone there’s just this one plant surrounded by normal Chinese houses…

On 16 April 2011 I saw this white Delphinium growing amid a patch of purple Delphiniums. Now there is a species of white Delphiniums which is found in SB but it needs special soil; I doubt it would grow where normal D. parryi are found. This particular white plant looked spindly and only had one bloom.

Another white Delphinium found amid a stand of scarlet ones. This one looked (in growth pattern) exactly like all the scarlet ones around it, so again, even though there is a species of white Delphinium in SB county, I don’t think this is an example.

There is a local white snapdragon, but these flowers don’t look like its flowers; these are shaped like those of the sticky snapdragon and this plant was surrounded by sticky snapdragons

This monkey-flower might be within the normal color range for its species (which varies considerably), but it looked so very white when I saw it. The plant had another bloom which was a more normal orange.

Albino Blue Dicks
One Blue Dick plant with white flowers immediately adjacent to another with blue flowers (Apr 2014)


My brother
This is another variable species as far as coloration is concerned but I happen to know that my brother is a true albino.


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