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June 15, 2011

Eight and a half weeks ago I got shin splints because I ran Chardonnay too hard on tired legs (or something like that).

Most every week since I have tested how the splints felt by running a mile — either round the Wilcox, or uphill on a trail. Running on dirt reduces the impact, and running uphill reduces it further, so these are kinder on the injury than running on a flat road.

Running uphill didn’t seem too bad. I could tell something was still wrong, but it didn’t really hurt, and it didn’t hurt the next day. Running around the flat Wilcox was another matter, after half a mile or so I would notice that I was limping and there was a sensation of weakness in the leg, as though it might buckle or something.

This Sunday I noticed that my leg didn’t seem to be hurting any more.

You’d think I’d go right out and do a short run to test it.

But I did not.

I was afraid.

Afraid that it would hurt after all. Afraid that I’d injure it again if it had started to heal.

I usually have been doing my mile runs on Tuesdays. But yesterday I did not run.

I decided I would run today (Wednesday) after yoga class. But I came home and actually cleaned up the apartment a bit (which shows what an odd state I was in, I’d do anything to avoid the discouragement of finding the injury still there).

Finally, at 6pm, I decided I could put it off no longer. I walked down the road, and then ran up to the Wilcox and around the loop.

It felt OK.

It really did.

Tomorrow I’ll run round it twice!


Birthday present

June 15, 2011

Sunday was my 52nd birthday. So I decided to do a 52 furlong hike (I had to search several ancient units until I found one in which 52 of the unit was a reasonable hike. 52 stadia would also have been about right).

On that hike I happened to see a rare orchid in bloom.