Of course, shortly after I decided I could not run — why, I felt fine. Tuesday afternoon the pain seemed to vanish. And Wednesday too. So I began to hope that I could run the race after all.

I want to, you see.

Thursday dawned, and with it my last run before the race. I felt pretty good. When I started moving the pain returned, and I limped. “Ah,” I told myself, “it will go away when I warm up.” And it did. It went away, mostly. And for the first mile I was thinking that I could do the race.

But after a bit I started noticing that my leg, well, the shin didn’t exactly hurt, but the leg felt weak. On the downhills it hurt a bit. But it eased off on the uphills.

It got a bit worse each mile. Not a lot, but a bit. I did my five with no real issues, but, … well, the race is 50 miles…

I had better not.



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