Splintered shins

My shin splints are back.

They rejoined me after Chardonnay. Now that I think about it, I believe they prepared themselves to visit the previous week, but in a mild form that I ignored. There was no ignoring them the day after Chardonnay.

I’m trying to figure out why. Was it old shoes? But I ran 12 miles at a 6:34 pace two weeks before. Was it running on the concrete sidewalk? But I spent more time on the sidewalk going faster at the Resolution 10K. Was it two week-ends in a row on the sidewalk? You’d think I’d have time to heal in a week.

Or perhaps a combination: Older shoes on concrete, two weekends in a row.

Whatever it was, the splints are back. And aren’t going away.

I have a race in eight days.

I’m a little worried.

Mike Swan suggests that I add “tired legs after hard training” to the mix. Also true on Resolution Day, but maybe as part of the mix…


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