52 is 2×26.2

I turn 52 in June.

To celebrate my 50th birthday I ran a 50 mile race. There aren’t any 51 mile (or kilometer) races that I know of so after turning 51 I simply tacked an extra kilometer on to a 50k. But there are 52 mile races. They are called double marathons.

To be precise they are 52.4 mile races. Now .4 of a year is 146 days, starting from mid-June that takes us to the beginning of December.

So the easiest thing would be to run Cal International on 4 Dec — starting in Sacramento at 2am or so, and run out to Folsom and then turn round and run back with everyone else. Not sure I want to do that much on pavement.

I could wait until March and run the Catalina marathon backwards and forwards.

There’s the Rocky Mountain double marathon in May… But it’s at 8000ft and above. Or the Glasgow Edinburgh Double Marathon in April. Hmm. That sounds interesting… (even if it is 55+miles). It would be fun to run across Scotland…


6 Responses to “52 is 2×26.2”

  1. poemsandponderings Says:

    I say go for Scotland! You could celebrate your accomplishment by attending the Tattoo at the castle! Oh, and there’s haggis, of course…

  2. Joe Says:

    There are a few people who run from Boston to Hopkinton and back each April, but I like your idea of running across Scotland – it seems like more of an adventure.

  3. poemsandponderings Says:

    It’s easier to run across Scotland while you’re being chased, but not as much fun. Good Luck to you.

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