Taking it easy

My race was three weeks ago.

And my legs are still tired.

I had no energy for the first part of the week. I just lay on the floor with my legs stretched out and read (maybe I’d done too much the previous Saturday?).

I’m tired of being tired. I want to be running the way I was four weeks ago.

But I know I’m tired, and need to do less than I’d like.

So I did not intend to do Fox Fall. And then I thought I’d do a four mile tempo with Michelle and Kary, and then use the race as a cool-down while they raced it. And then Michelle was injured, and Kary was told not to do a tempo. Luckily Matt joined me. And then Kary wanted someone to race with her, so I told her I’d run the first mile of the race at pace with her.

I said 6:40 pace for the tempo. But 6:23s were what popped out. I was pleased with that. It might not have been good for Matt, but it told me I was in better shape than I had feared.

Got to the start just in time to register and line up. And we were off.

Fox Fall begins downhill. And we went. Quickly.

After a quarter mile or so, my watch said we were running at a 5:30 pace. I suggested to Kary that this was too fast. She said it might be right for a mile (I hope she meant a mile race, not for the first mile of a XC race). Anyway we slowed a bit.

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire,
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon’s sphere;

Midsummer Night’s Dream II.1

It’s a twisty course with lots of sharp turns; hard to go fast. And my legs really are tired. Maybe I should have eshued the tempo and just done the race. I keep looking at my watch to see when my mile is over (and that’s not a good thing to do on a twisty course — I end up halfway up a little hill I didn’t need to climb because I missed a turn).

Finally the watch beeps for 1 mile. 6:18. Not a bad pace, but not one I can maintain today. I bid Kary good-bye and slow. Luckily this is a wide place where people can pass. And many do.

Matt asks if I’m OK as he zips passed.

I drop down to about 8 min/mile. And then I get my breath back, and pick it up a bit, I run about 7 min/mile for the rest of the race.

Someone on the course asks me if I’m taking it easy. And I think I am. It’s only a 7 min pace, after all. But I look at my HR, and it climbs steadily over the last 3 miles of the race, finishing at 93%. That’s not taking it easy. I really am tired…

Damn it.


One Response to “Taking it easy”

  1. nichol Says:

    Yeah, damn it!

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