Running with people

A fortnight ago I tried to explain my objections to running to music:

  • It isn’t functional (It only helps when you don’t need help).
  • I’m philosophically opposed to it (I think it closes the runner off from the natural world).

But is there anything which will help people run faster? The answer that popped into my head this morning was: running with people.

This helps at all levels of effort. World records are set in races, not (or rarely) by people going round tracks by themselves. At the other end of the scale just getting out the door is easier if you know you’ll be running with a friend.


One Response to “Running with people”

  1. Terri Nichols Says:

    So, so true.

    Hello out there. Good to about your Pier to Peak adventure – a nice reminder of what’s good about SB. So what’s the latest race you have coming up now? I promise I will e-mail you sometime soon, but i’ve been so busy!

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