A week later I’m feeling pretty good.

Often I’ll come out of a race feeling trashed. Last year my shin splints were very insistent that they had not enjoyed Pier to Peak. But this year there weren’t any problems.

I suppose starting a race a little tired means I can’t push myself quite as hard and so come out of the race feeling better?

I felt very hungry, and very sleepy for several days.

Tuesday I had a 2 hour trail run, and Mike had told me to keep my HR below 85%. Normally, getting my HR up to 85% is extremely easy — I just go up a hill at what seems a reasonable pace and bang! there I am. But this day it wasn’t going up, it seemed stuck at 80%. Given the workout, that wasn’t a problem, just interesting. (Once I got home, and uploaded the watch to the computer I saw the HR did climb to 85%, but only briefly). I ran fairly fast though — I don’t understand that.

Today was (probably) my last hard road work-out before the race. Rusty said 6:35 for 4 miles, 10 min jog, 4 more miles 15secs faster/mile. That sounded hard to me (to everyone in my group), but I tried it. I was a little fast (6:30 pace) for the first 4 miles. So I could do that, but it was the last four which were worrying… However they popped right out at a 6:15 pace. Today my HR was a little above 85% for the first set, and a slow ramp from 85 to 90% for the second.

So if I can do that I think 1) I’ve recovered from P2P 2) I’m ready for the 50K.



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