Last year almost everyone in front of me got lost.

It’s kind of fun being in second place.

Of course it would have been even more fun to be first.

What can I do this year to get that to repeat?

Obviously I can’t win fairly.

The first thing that occurred to me is just to tell all the fast people that if they stick behind me, I’ll make sure they don’t get lost. Unfortunately there are still two miles to go after the point they got lost last year, so even if they agreed they’d all pass me in those two miles.

Mark Twain suggests getting racers to swallow lead pellets until they are too heavy to move… but I can’t see that working.

Could I sneak up behind the course marker, and put an arrow onto Foothill that will send people running off to Montecito?

There’s not much time left. I need to think of something soon…


2 Responses to “Treachery”

  1. John Says:

    Well if cartoons have taught me anything then a crudely drawn ‘Detour’ sign will will only work as a temporary measure. You will then need to move on to more and more complex plans involving dynamite and, for some reason, anvils. Fortunately the Acme company seemed to offer virtually instant delivery….

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