I’m sure something will go wrong. I have never been able to train for and run a good road marathon. Nothing serious has happened yet, but there are three weeks still to go.

It will probably be my shin splints. I thought I’d gotten over them when I was just running on the trails, but they came right back when I started training on the road again. Each time I do a hard road run they let me know. They don’t like that. It hurts for several days thereafter. Slowly they calm down, and then I do another hard run. I think they are getting slightly worse from week to week. Tapering soon. But will that calm them down? And even if they get calm, will they last through 26 miles of running hard?

Then I see Jill and Maggie have troubles with their legs. Maggie injured with 4 weeks to go, Jill with 3. Their marathon is two weeks before mine, and now time has marched on to the point that I’m right about where they got injured. So will I get injured tomorrow? Will my shins get really bad and not be able to recover?

And there’s the old fallback of just hitting the wall, running out of energy. I’ve only hit the wall once in a marathon, but it was the race I was running fastest and thought I might actually do well in — ie. what I’m hope for this race.


Poor Eeyore.

(Pictures of Eeyore by Ernest Shepard from The House at Pooh Corner)


2 Responses to “Nerves”

  1. cdnpearly Says:

    Good luck George! Even contemplating a marathon is intimidating for me. You’re head and shoulders beyond me. I look forward to hearing a thrilling posting about your success!

  2. Gina Says:

    George, George, George. I think I need to send you my list of inspirational quotes! Here’s one to get you started:
    “You just have to decide if you’re a Tigger or an Eeyore.” – Randy Pausch
    I’m sure you remember that Randy Pausch recently died of pancreatic cancer and gave the “last lecture” before he died about how to be positive. Remember your body follows your mind!

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