Baby blue eyes
Nemophila menziesii

Every year I have looked at the wildflowers, and every year I think I should do more to learn to identify them.

Well, this year I have been so impressed with the display, especially in those areas the fire had destroyed that I have actually gotten out my books, and bought more books, and spent hours on the trails with my camera, and then spent more hours back home with my books and I think I have managed to identify most of what I have seen.

Not always perfectly. I haven’t always checked every tiny detail and I’m quite prepared to believe that I’ve mixed up two similar species. And my books are not perfect either — they have left out species (there are ~50 species of Ceanothis in California but my books describe 4 of them, so at best I can say “That’s a Ceanothus). But I’m pretty happy with the results.

And now, so I won’t forget it when next year rolls around, I have written everything down in a web-site. Because this site only lists flowers that I have actually seen in Santa Barbara, it will (I hope) be easier to use for identification than a book which covers the state, or all of the west coast…

P. californicum
Fire poppy

I encourage everyone to go look at the formerly-burnt trails — or even just walk along Mountain Dr. There are species blooming there which I have never seen before, and others which I have never seen on our trails. It’s beautiful.


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