I woke up Wednesday morning with a pain in my right knee.

I don’t know where it came from, I don’t remember anything like that on Tuesday.

I immediately assumed I should stop running, and just do low impact things (like biking and aqua-jogging). Even biking hurt the knee. So did aqua-jogging.

This seemed very bad. I’d just (mostly) gotten over my last problem, had run one reasonable race, had signed up for a marathon, and then boom. I couldn’t do anything.

Biking hurt a lot. I decided to give it up.

To my surprise, using the elliptical was OK.

I tried walking, and found it didn’t hurt.

I ran across the street at stop-lights, and that didn’t hurt either.

Friday I walked 13 miles — my commuting, which I normally do by bike.

Saturday I ran a tempo workout and that didn’t hurt (and walked to pottery class, 6miles round trip).


I have just reread Three Men in a Boat, and recalled that when J., thinking he is dying, goes to visit his medical friend, the friend prescribes:

1lb beefsteak
1pint bitter beer
1 ten-mile walk every morning
1 bed at 11pm sharp every night

And to J. this seems quite reasonable advice.

A 10 mile walk every morning, to keep fit.

Now-a-days that seems such a lot.

But back in 1889 people walked. J. thinks nothing of walking 4 miles into town to visit friends and then 4 back at the end of the evening.



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