I sometimes wonder what kind of legacy I will leave behind me.

My father is a Shakespearian scholar, he will probably live on in footnotes for centuries.

I write computer programs. They are used briefly and then technology moves on. I suppose the thing I’ve written which was in widest use (more than 100,000 users at one point) was the web editor which AOL distributed. But it only lasted 2 years before AOL got bored with it. No one remembers it now.

My font editor has lasted 10 years now. And it has tens of thousands of users. But I doubt it will last another twenty.

Considering the attention we are paying to peak oil, I wonder if anyone will even be using computers in 50 years? Will we have the energy to make or power them?

Many people view their children as a legacy… I look at our efforts to stymie climate change and I see mass starvation, war and huge population declines. Children do not look like a long-term investment either.

A friend pointed out to me that my pottery will last.



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