Have feet will travel

My friend Ken organized a trail run. “Cold spring trail.” he said. “West fork.” he added.

But the west fork is all burnt up. I know. I did trail maintenance on it just two months ago.

We ran up it anyway.

I was interested to see how (if) things had changed.

WestForkRegrowth1-12Aug2009-1600From a distance — not much had.

Still the burnt out landscape with a faint odor of ash.

Or so I thought at first, but closer examination revealed that almost every burnt trunk was surrounded by a ground-level halo of green shoots. The trunks, I guess, are WestForkRegrowth4-12Aug2009-1600completely dead, but the roots seem to be alive and have put forth new growth.

We saw some of that two months ago, but it seemed much more common now, and larger patches of green around the trunks.

The ferns which were also coming out 2 months ago seem not to have done so well. They are still there, but no bigger, and no more frequent than before.

But the most cheering sight was a yellow aster blooming in the ash:

Bracken fern upper left, yellow aster lower right

Bracken fern upper left, yellow aster lower right


One Response to “Have feet will travel”

  1. Adger Says:

    That is a bizarre view for me. You read about after-fire regeneration; now I have a better notion what’s really going on.

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