Swimming on Camino Ciello

Mike said “Romero. Hill Repeats”

As I was toiling up to the trailhead (on my bike) some hikers passed me in their car. A little later I passed them as I ran up.

«Biking up the hill wasn’t enough for you?»

«Oh, m’God. Don’t tell me you’re going to swim at the top.»

Swimming at the top. ☺ Wouldn’t it be neat if there were a lap pool on Camino Ciello?

Of course the swim should happen first — Hmm. A new Pier to Peak! Swim from Sterne’s Wharf to East Beach, bike up to Ramero trailhead, and then run to Camino Ciello. Wonder if it would catch on…

No swimming for me though, I’m not going all the way to the top today. 20 min warm up, then run up the fireroad for 5 minutes at 90% HR, trot down for 3 min easily. And repeat. Five times.

First one doesn’t seem so bad. The road just keeps going up, but I’m fresh, I can do it, and then the relief of trotting easily downhill.

About a minute into my second repeat my quads are complaining that they can’t do this any more. They are tired. They want sympathy. I am coming to learn that they only ache to get attention. They lie. If I keep going they will calm down again. And they do. But I’m gasping when we (my quads and I) get to five minutes.

Third time. Once again the quads are feeling sorry for themselves (why just at the start of each repeat?). Then out into the sun. It may only be 7:30am, but it is July and the sun is hot. I wish it weren’t.

Fourth time. Completely in the sun now. I’m more interested in the heat than my quads. I pass the power line, the road moves into shadow again and levels out. Oops, that means I need to pick up the pace to maintain my HR…

Fifth time. The last one! Yay, hurray! And the road even goes down hill for several minutes, I have to run ever faster to maintain HR. And then, right at the end: up steeply. Thank you ever so very much.

A swimming pool might be nice now…


One Response to “Swimming on Camino Ciello”

  1. Jim K Says:

    Actually — no, we already have the Gaviota OCR. But that would be a good traiing run.

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