Five Trails

When we were running Blue Canyon Mark Warren was explaining to Ken Hughes that it should be possible to make a replacement for Nine Trails with the ones we’ve got left. He called the run “Five Trails”.

Well, on Friday I did my first attempt at a “Five Trails” run. I went up Cold Springs to Camino Ciello, over to San Ysidro, down to the fire road which leads to Buena Vista trail, over to Romero, up the trail to Camino Ciello, across to San Ysidro, and down it again to McMenomy, over to the fire road that leads to Cold Spring across to the powerlines on Cold Spring and down to the entrance.

SBFromCC-03072009-1600(I’ve never been on the section of Camino Ciello between Romero and San Ysidro before — the views are quite spectacular — I like it!)

The entire figure-8 course took me about 5:20. I’ve never done Nine Trails but I estimate about 7:30. So this course is too short.

On the other hand, there’s a recommendation that Cold Spring West Fork be reopened soon — With that I think a Nine Trails replacement might be found:

Starting at Romero, going up the trail to Camino Ciello, over to San Ysidro, down to McMenomy, across to Cold Spring, down to the West fork, up that to Gibraltar, up that to Camino Ciello, across that to Cold Spring, down that to the powerlines, fire road to San Ysidro up to Camino Ciello over to Romero and down the fireroad.


6 Responses to “Five Trails”

  1. Ken Hughes Says:

    Good run. At the top of Cold Springs, cross over the road and go down Forbush to the campground. Its a very runable trail and could add on another 3-4 miles. Of course, at Forbush camp you could turn right down into Blue Canyon or continue up and over the ridge on Forbush!

  2. georgeruns Says:

    But that would be more than 5 trails…

  3. Jim K Says:

    That’s a great run if you have adequate water — temperature sensitive since it can be much hotter over on that side. As for number of trails — c’mon, G., you’re a scientist — start with the correct conclusion and work backwards to the evidence.

  4. georgeruns Says:

    I’m an engineer, thank you very much.

  5. Victoria Says:

    Well, Luis figured out another course for 9 Trails– will you be there?

    Nice job on White River, by the way– and doesn’t Glenn take great pics?

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