Round and Round

Marsa God take ‘e ease in de gardin in de cool ob de eben. An’ wid his leedle gol’ scythe ‘e trim a leedle here, and ‘e snip a leedle there. Bum by ‘e come to ‘e own particular apple tree. An ‘e cound dem apples, but ‘e come up one shy. So ‘e cound dem again, but ‘e still one shy.

“Adam, Adam, where you is?”

But Adam ‘e don’ say nuddin, ‘e jus scrunch down under de ol’ fig bush.

“Where is da boy?” Den Marsa God see de apple coa. “Miss Eeb, Miss Eeb, where you is?”

But Miss Eeb, she don’ say nuddin,  she jus scrunch down under de bush.

Den Marsa God, ‘e start to look. Under dis tree, an’ in dat bush, and he come to dah fig bush.

An’ Adam, ‘e run, an’ Miss Eeb, she run, an’ Marsa God ‘e right behin’ ’em.

Roun, an’ roun de gardin. Roun’ an’ roun’ de gardin.

When dey come to de low place in de wall Adam say: “Miss Eeb, if you ever is jump, you bes jump now.” So Adam, ‘e jump, an’ Miss Eeb, she jump, an’ Marsa God ‘e right behin ’em, an’ ‘e teck ‘e leedle gol scythe an ‘e cut off all two bot dem tails ‘t’once.

An das how we is.

The expulsion from paradise
How come fuh man a’ lose ‘e tail
Traditional Gullah folktale
From the Charleston low country

Mike told me to run 3 times around the Wilcox as a warm up, then 4 times at 85%-90% heartrate, and then 3 times easy as a cool down. Each lap is a little under a mile.

Round and round the park.

Now the Wilcox (excuse me, the Douglas Family Preserve) is a nice place to run, but after 11 laps it’s almost as much fun as a track.

I start on my warmup. About halfway through the first lap my HR is at 82%. This is a warmup. I know I’m not pushing that hard. Why do I have such trouble with my monitor. Another lap and now it claims my HR is 97%. Uh, huh. Sure. I take the monitor strap off my chest with and try to fiddle with it, but the attempt to replace it, while running, with my shirt on, turns out to be impossible; I must remove my shirt. So now I need two hands to snap the monitor back on and one hand to hold the shirt. Eventually I get it settled. The monitor now reads 00.

Great. I’m dead.

After a few minutes of this the watch turns itself off. Sigh. I turn it back on, and suddenly it is working. 137 (69%), that I can believe.

Then the workout starts. I’m worried about getting my HR up on this relatively flat course, and I’m sleepy tired this morning; was up far too late last night. I push quite hard. Halfway through the first lap my HR is 80%, well, that’s OK, but Mike wants 85%. Sigh. I push harder. At the end of the first lap HR of 84%, that’s pretty good then, but still not quite there.

Then I notice the time: 5:41. Um what? Oh, yeah. It’s not a mile. What is it? I vaguely remember someone said .95 (or was it .93?) Let’s take .93, so that’s roughly 15/16 of a mile. So divide by 15, Um 22.5 or so. So a mile pace of 6:04? In a tempo run? Where I’m still not pushing hard enough?

Next “mile” in 5:32 at 89%. That’s better. But now I’m under 6 minutes. This is not tempo pace. Unless the loop is a lot shorter than I think.

Next “mile” in 5:26 at 91%. And I realize I can’t keep this up. I should not have looked at my watch. I know I’m going too fast.

Last “mile” 6:02 at 88%. I needed someone running after me with a golden knife to cut off my tail. I couldn’t keep it up by myself.

And now I can plod out 3 more laps. These don’t seem interesting after all the excitement of the tempo portion. Round and round.


2 Responses to “Round and Round”

  1. Adger Says:

    I read the version in “Black Genesis”. It’s got some good bits and some distinctly odd ones too. I did like the part where the narrator says something like. “Adam already had both feet in his hands, so he couldn’t run any faster.” It also doesn’t have the part about the tails, I think. I’ll have to look again. Old Man’s version (and Daddy’s) is clearly superior. I have an old tape of it I’m hoping to rescue when the techno guy with the good equipment and I both have some time at the same time.

  2. georgeruns Says:

    I forget what I was looking for, but I bumped into this bookstore: which sells a CD of Gullah tales. Wonder if we’d recognize any…

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