Eohippus at More Mesa — Explained.

I thought it was a dog when I first saw it.

A non-descript brown dog. I didn’t pay it much attention.

Three women were walking up to More Mesa and had it on a lease. I didn’t pay them much attention either.

Then I ran past it, and heard the distinctive clink-clop of iron shod hooves on pavement.

It had been a horse. A tiny little horse. A bit bigger than a black lab (one of those was wandering around nearby), but clearly not a colt. A one toe hoof too.

Not Eohippus. No sign of lemurs. All my speculations of a season ago have proven wrong.

Sigh. Bunny count: 12.


One Response to “Eohippus at More Mesa — Explained.”

  1. Adger Says:

    They have mini horses. They can be transported in the back of a car like a dog, and they can pull these tiny little wagons that children only can ride in. I’ve seen them in the great congregations of horse riders is we scoot past on foot or bike, while they get saddled and otherwise organized.

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