Horrid, Horrid, Hill-Repeats

I have hill-repeats once a fortnight.

Four weeks ago it was kind of fun. Mike had me run up Powerline Rd (from Tunnel) five minutes up, hard (85% heart rate) and three minutes down, easy. Each time I got a little further up the hill, until, after 5, I was at the top.

That night Powerline Rd. burnt up in the fire.

So two weeks ago he told me to go to Elings park, the parking lot off Cliff Dr, and run to the top of that hill (85-93%) and then jog back down. Six times. He said he thought it would take me two to four minutes to reach the top. It took two, and after the first I was thinking I should do a couple extra repeats because I was so fast, but after the second I gave up on that idea. They were hard.

Today: Elings Park again.

This time I knew what to expect.

I stood at the bottom of the hill and looked up.

I stood at the bottom of the hill and looked up.

I noticed I wasn’t moving.

I wished Drea, or Travis were here to run with me.

The hill seemed to become a mountain as I watched. A really, really steep mountain.

I remembered a song my mother used to sing me: (to be sung in a whiny voice)

An’ ah look down da road
An’ da road so lonesome
Lod, I gotst to walk down da lonesome road

An’ ah look up in da mountain
An’ da mountain so high
Lod, I gotst to climb da high mountain
I gotst to climb it by maself

And then I started up.

The first hundred yards or so aren’t very steep. I seem to fly along, and I think “Oh, this isn’t so bad as I remembered.” But then it gets steeper, I’ve still got some momentum from the first bit, but I slow, and slow further. I feel like Sir Lancelot du Lac in Holy Grail, where he runs toward the castle, end then the camera resets and we see the same sequence over and over again. I kept running but didn’t seem to get anywhere. Very steep now, breath comes in gasps. I think I can see the top. I reach it. I think I can see the top now. I reach it. OK, Now I can see the top… and yes, finally it’s almost level and I can pick up the pace a bit as I run (stumble) the last hundred yards.

And then I do it five more times. And I know what it’s going to be like now. And I’m tired.


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