After the fire.

Jesusita fire started on Jesusita trail and seemed determined to destroy as many others as it could. The forest service closed off all the front country trails. Some were not reached by the blaze, but were being used by fire fighters to get up to Camino Cielo.

But by Friday (15 May) three trailheads had reopened (Hot Springs, San Ysidro and Ramero).

Romero trail is much has it has always been. Romero road has been scraped and provides a nice even surface. I felt I could just fly as I ran down it. In some places there is a lot of dust (not ash, just normal dirt).

I saw a banana slug near the bottom.


2 Responses to “After the fire.”

  1. Nichol Says:

    At work today, a trail running friend of mine told me that she drove to the Jesusita trailhead and simply cried when she saw the ashen wake of the fire. I cried upon hearing that. We cried together. Not dramatic sobbing, mind you, tears small in volume and number yet tears all the same. Within ten minutes today, two people told me that Jesusita was “the place”. “The place” they go when they need to GO somewhere beautiful, somewhere otherworldly, someplace that offers a respite from that they need refuge from. If I count myself, then I would have heard Jeusita described as “the place” three times.

    I’ve heard a bit of , “Well, they’re trails. People have lost their homes.” Yes, people have lost their homes. I felt guilty for being saddened to the extent that I was over the moonscape remnants of certain favorite haunts . Then I thought a bit more and realized that some of us have lost things bigger then houses and used what is now gone to help them through emptiness or unsettling change.

    Rumor has it that mountain bikers started the blaze while using power tools to clear new paths. What I heard is that there exists a clan of mountain bikers that consider the mountains and trails to be their personal territory, clear new trails, and booby trap them to prevent non-group members from utilizing the trails. Far fetched? Maybe not.

  2. georgeruns Says:

    I hadn’t heard that particular rumor. It does seem a bit far fetched — I’d expect to have seen these extrainious trails, or fallen in to a booby trap. Well, a fire is a pretty extreme booby trap…

    I’m surprised that there are any signs left as to what caused the fire; I mean it was at the heart of an inferno, what clues could have survived that?

    The trails were beautiful. And now they aren’t. That is worth mourning. People lost houses. That is worth mourning too.

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