Hill Repeats?

Is it a hill repeat if you only do it twice? And if the loop is 9 or 10 miles long and climbs several thousand feet?

Feels like it.

Mike points out that I’m planning to run a race with two hills, each with about 4000ft of elevation gain. So I need to do some very long hills.

I also need to learn (I think) to run more slowly. My body wants to run up hills with a heart rate at 80%. Mike tells me I should shoot for 75%. That just feels so slow… On the other hand a couple of hours at 80% leaves me exhausted. Or is that because I don’t eat enough? Today I ate 150Cal/hour…

Worries. Will I actually be able to run 50 miles on a hilly course? Or will I just burn out?

Today: Up Cold Spring trail, along Camino Cielo to San Ysidro trail, down that to the fireroad, then fireroad via Hot Springs to Cold Spring trail, and again.

clementisThe trails, of course, are lovely. There’s still a little clementis in the upper reaches, beyond Montecito Peak. Low lying clouds out over the channel which changed every time I had a chance to look out.

Finally, tired, I finished my second loop and could head back to the bike. I’m trotting down the trail, turn a corner and — there’s a large snake stretched across the trail. Not being great at snake identification I continue. Suddenly it rears back, starts to rattle and hiss. OK, now I’ve IDed it. I stop dead. This doesn’t appease the snake. I back up. I turn the corner. Snake continues to rattle and hiss. I wait. It stops making a noise; I poke my nose round the corner; there it is, still reared up, blocking the trail, I go back out of sight. I do this a couple more times. The snake is not moving. Getting down will take a lot longer than I expected — how will I explain that to Mike?

Ah, the new trail they cut 5~10 years ago. I can run back up to that, and go down a snakeless path.

I check again. Snake is still ready to strike. I run back, and down the other way. Safe. Water. Food.


One Response to “Hill Repeats?”

  1. Adger Says:

    Learned something from experience in Madagascar, then?

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