Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…

Somehow my HR monitor decided my max heartrate was 167 rather than 198. In navigating the menu maze trying to find the right option I inadvertently pressed OK when I meant Cancel. I wasn’t sure what I had done, so I didn’t worry about it, the watch didn’t do anything odd.

This morning was the first time I’d used it since that event. Mike had me running on More Mesa, first a warm up then a tempo effort of 4 loops up a hill with a HR starting at 80% and climbing to 85% by the last loop. Roughly 4 miles (except I took a wrong turn on the first loop and added an extra half mile or so).

It was beautiful on More Mesa this morning. I got there just as the sun was rising and the puffy clouds were tinted with sunrise colors. When I got to the ocean I could seem them reflected (blurrily) in the water. The Mesa itself is a tangled mass of wildflowers. The first trail I was on the plants were up to my chest with only my head out of the jungle.

Then I headed down to start my loops.

I pick up the pace to tempo and start. This bit of trail is full of poison oak, I’m veering from right to left to escape the creeping embrace of that loving plant. In the middle of this obsticle course, my watch starts beeping. When I can spare it my attention I glance at it. It sometimes beeps if it has lost the signal, but it seems to be getting the heart rate fine; there I am, right at 80%.

Slowly it dawns on me. I must have put it into a mode where it alarms whenever I run faster than 80%. I’m not sure how to undo that. I certainly can’t figure it out in the middle of a tempo (and I ain’t gwanna stop, not nohow). I’m going to be beeped at for the next 25 minutes (or whatever).

And so I was.

I felt really badly when I passed people. What must they think to hear my incessant beeps?

On the final hill I almost ran over a rabbit (how could it not have heard me coming?). By the top of the hill HR is up to 90% (Mike doesn’t need to know that), I slow down a bit and bring it down to 85% by the end of the last lap.

I turn off the monitor.


And a blue heron right next to me.


2 Responses to “Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…”

  1. Nichol Says:

    Maybe the rabbit just thought that you were the Road Runner being chased by Wily Coyote. Beep beep!

  2. More Mesa, without beeps « George’s Meanderings Says:

    […] Last time I was here the watch was misadjusted to beep (incessantly) if my HR exceeded 80%. This time it won’t read right. It’s a hard life… […]

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