50 at 50

My running friend Ken Hughes turned 50 on Monday, and, like a good ultra-runner he ran a 50 miler — in the SB backcountry with no support.

On a hot day too. (Good for Ken)

This got me thinking again — OK, I’m going to race in July, but I could still run 50 easy on my birthday — run down to Sumerland then turn round and run out to Ellwood, and then back home. Along the coast, fairly frequent water-fountains, past my house again at ~20miles to stock up on GU… something to think about.

And then… then… Someone sent me info about a new ultra. Just over the hills, it has 50K, 50M, and 100K options, and it’s on June — 6. Damn it! Why couldn’t it have been the next week? There is absolutely no point in running a race and having my age come up as 49 on the results.

And then Mike Swan (coach) suggested that I run the 50K as a training run. Hmm. that puts a different perspective on it. I might just do that


3 Responses to “50 at 50”

  1. nichol Says:

    It’s not about your age, right? It’s about the age graded performance, there’s a point in there somewhere. I think.

  2. Nirmal Says:

    I’m sure they won’t ask you for your birth certificate. And you’ll be much closer to your 50th birthday than your 49th. You should just fill your age in as 50 on the form.

  3. jk Says:

    I love Nirmal’s suggestion we treat age as a kind of Gaussian distribution and report the approximate mid-point of the constantly-moving curve. Always listen to your gifted-mathematician friends, particularly when they say things you’d prefer to hear.

    50K for training is a good idea.

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