I squeal, you squeal, we all squeal for mySQL

I’ve never bothered to use a database before. I rarely have the kind of data that needs a database, and if I do I normally write my own code to deal with it.

But at the moment I’m using someone else’s server, and it isn’t clear how I could write a real program to run on it. So I’m forced to use what’s there, forced to learn how to use a database.

After I got past the fact that our database was full of 195 megabytes of spam and wasn’t letting add any new data I was surprised how smoothly things went. The hardest issue is converting the legacy data in its myriad of formats.

And now there is some basic functionality. It works!


3 Responses to “I squeal, you squeal, we all squeal for mySQL”

  1. Drea Says:

    See this is why you can’t just have writer running a website! You’ve got to be server savy, you’re doing a great job! Go Jeorge, Go Jeorge! Hee hee!

    • georgeruns Says:

      Snuffpiggles. I wasn’t savy (obviously that comes from savoir, odd in a slang term) about mySQL until just now either.

      Anyway you need both. I worry about my ability to find things to say. I don’t worry about figuring out how to SQL. Jim seemed to do both easily…

  2. franfinney Says:

    George – you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB with the SBAA Website! I’ve been checking in everyday to admire and play with the new interactive features. I love the race graphs, the “comparator”, and the new calendar! Your Caltech savvy is out there for all to see!


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