Solstice Eve Hike

Last night was the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. I always try to get in a hike around now, up into the mountains to watch the sun set over the city. In the past I have hiked around the calendar’s new year, and I don’t find many other people who want to join me. This year I thought to try the solstice — but people seem to be as uninterested in hiking the saturday before christmas as they are uninterested on new year’s eve.

My friend Marty showed up, with some friends of his, but they were only willing to hike in the light, and turned back before reaching the top. They didn’t want to wait for sunset and the dark.

As sunsets go, this one was not terribly impressive. The sky was clear of clouds which tends to mean the sky is clear of color.

Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands

I found that I was able to get most of the way down the mountain without wanting a flashlight. The glow from the sky lasted for about an hour.sbnight-20dec08


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