I ran…

I’ve started running with the group. I’m still leery of running fast. If I go fast my shin splints let me know the next day. But at least I’m out there running with my friends again.

Today is track workout day. Always dreaded, more so today. Everyone else was doing continuous half-mile repeats, on, off, on, off (that is to say hard, slightly easier, hard again, slightly easier, …) with no break between. That sounded too fast to me. Rusty kept skipping over me as he told others what to run. I don’t think he knew what to do with me. So I asked if I could do a tempo run at 6:30. He seemed to think that a good idea.

That was a relief to me.

I ran with Chrystee and Drea for their first (and easy) half mile. They actually ran a little slower than they should have, which was about right for me. At the half mile mark Rusty complained that I was running too fast — I don’t think I was, I think he was just surprised to see me still with the other two (they should have been 5 seconds ahead.

But they pulled away immediately after that. I finished the first mile in 6:28. Close enough.

Then 6:24. But now every one else was taking a break. They’d done 2 miles of alternate halves and got 5 minutes off. It felt much harder to run without the others around. 6:27.

Then they started up again, they were running quarters, fast, with a rest about as long as the quarter. I found I was going faster too. I ran just behind a slower group, going about the same pace, and finishing another quarter as they rested. This mile was much too fast: 6:13, so I forced myself to slow down. I’d only suggested running four miles, but I felt good, and everyone else had another 2 quarters to do, so I ran another mile, and this one was on pace 6:29.

It felt so good to be out there running. Oh, I know 6:30s aren’t a real tempo run, but it’s getting close. It felt like I’d really done something — and — so far — my shins aren’t hurting.

There’s something exhilarating about coming off an injury. It feels so good to move again. Everything feels easy, because, well, it is easy. No one expects me to run really fast. I can putter along around marathon pace and feel really pleased.

The dismay at not running CIM is fading, now that I am running. With luck I’ll be able to do a 50 miler in 7 months…


One Response to “I ran…”

  1. jk Says:

    6:30 is tempo, buster. Don’t you diss it, don’t you forget it. (Accompanied by stern facial expression.)

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