A rainbow without the rain

A rainbow at Ellwood Mesa

A rainbow at Ellwood Mesa

Practice this morning was at Ellwood Mesa, the open space at the far end of Goleta that overlooks the sea. For once I took a camera, I’ve been wanting to get some sunrise pictures from there, and this is the best time of year for sunrises.

But the sunrise was disappointing.


Still there was some color on the mountains, in the other direction


After the warmup we gathered around Rusty as he explained the workout, and as he did so, a rainbow formed around the moon (which was setting). There was no rain.


The rainbow grew out of the sea


Briefly and faintly, on the left edge of the rainbow we could just discern the beginnings of a second rainbow.


On the way home I passed through the Goleta slough as the very high tide was pouring inland even more. The blue herons seemed to have forsaken their normal haunts and were all together near the oil pipeline


On the whole, a satisfying morning.


One Response to “A rainbow without the rain”

  1. rashazayed Says:

    very very nice photos of the Rainbow. enjoyed seeing them.


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