I am hundreds of miles from Sacramento. I am not running CIM.

I’m not pleased about this; in fact I’m almost ashamed. I haven’t wanted to see my running friends for months. They can run and I can’t.

I didn’t want to volunteer for the SB half-marathon. But Wally asked me, so I showed up. Everyone else was running and I couldn’t. When the race started it was actually fun, and I chid myself for sulking. I got to bike along with Annie and watch her race — impressive. But when the race was over, it hurt to see everyone else finishing, and me incapable. I slunk off and hid.


In the last 5 years I have signed up for 7 marathons. Injuries kept me from running 4 of them. Of the remaining three, I ran 2 knowing that I had not been able to train properly because of more injuries.

One race out of seven isn’t very good.


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