About 2 miles from Foster Park is a decaying oil complex with unpainted tanks rusting into oblivion and skeletal buildings scattered about. Somewhat incongruously, in the middle is a graphity covered Good Will trailer begging for donations.

DonateAs I biked past this struck me as a metaphore for the US economy: a shambles demanding handouts.

I didn’t like the idea of bailing out banks which had lent money to people they shouldn’t have. I like even less the idea of bailing out the big 3 US auto makers.

The problems facing the native auto industry are not new. They simply have not made cars that enough people want to buy. When Toyota brought out the Prius, GM produced the Hummer. Why bail out incompetence?

Why not invest $25 billion in the bicycle industry instead?


One Response to “Donations?”

  1. jk Says:


    Imagine a city where bike and pedestrian paths dominate and cars are uncomfortable, inconvenient, and out-of-place. Like the old city centers in the European cities we vacation in, the ones that make us feel human.

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