Oh well…

I haven’t been able to run for more than three weeks.

Well, that’s technically a lie. I can run, but three hours later my shin hurts — badly enough to suggest that running is an extremely bad idea.

So I’ve been doing a lot of biking. One of the advantages of the bike is that I can carry a camera with me. It was beautiful this morning.

Sunrise as seen from just above Shoreline Park

Sunrise as seen from just above Shoreline Park

Once I got to Stern’s wharf there was still a glow to the light

Early morning view of Stern's Wharf

But the high point of the morning was seeing a swan in Mission Creek estuary. Probably an immature Tundra Swan. I saw one in the same spot last year. Never there for long (this one was gone 2 hours later), but always a treat to see.

Early morning swan

Early morning swan

On the return trip, the rivera looked lovely reflected in the bird sanctuary

Reflections of Santa Barbara

Reflections of Santa Barbara

It almost makes up for not being able to run.


2 Responses to “Oh well…”

  1. Gina Says:

    Beautiful pictures, George. It’s good to stop and smell the roses occasionally. It’s too bad we often don’t do it unless we can’t do our “normal”, which is to ignore the beauty around us. Being sick or injured is good in a sense because only by feeling our worst can we truly appreciate being healthy.

  2. Ricky Says:

    George! nice pictures. I hope to get better soon. I agree heathly is priceless since I got sick after Carp Tri and still on the recovery road. I like to go farmer’s market for great produces and keep me up with my crazy racing schedule. Keep healthy and Be Happy šŸ™‚

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